iWantFuel Fuel Licensing Solutions

iWantFuel offers you the following Wholesale, Retail and Site license services, Fast, Easy and Secure.

We will assist, facilitate with your renewal or new retail license applications, change-of-ownership retail license applications, new site license applications and transfers of existing site licenses.

Our Retail License Applications and Services

  • New Retail License Applications
    • We facilitate new fuel retail license applications for fuel stations.
  • Change of Ownership Applications
    • When a petrol station changes ownership, the new owner must apply for a new fuel retail license. iWantFuel facilitates these “change-of-ownership” retail license applications.
  • Annual license submissions
    • We assist and submit your annual renewals.
  • Appeal to Rejected Retail Licenses
    • If a fuel retail license is rejected, we will engage, facilitate and resolve the appeal process.
  • Amendments To Existing Retail Licenses
    • We will facilitate all amendments to existing license.
  • Business Plans & Financing

Wholesale License Applications

"In terms of the Petroleum Products Act, (Act 120 of 1977) as amended in 2003, and which is administered by the Department of Energy (DOE), no person or business entity is allowed to wholesale prescribed petroleum products unless that person/business has a valid wholesale licence. The Act further states that no person may operate as a wholesaler (which means that you may not sell any form of petroleum product) unless that person or business entity has a valid wholesale licence. Wholesale licences may be applied for with storage facilities or without storage facilities."

  • New Wholesale License Applications.
  • Change of Ownership Applications
  • Annual license renewals
  • Appeal to Rejected Wholesale Licenses
  • Amendments To Existing Wholesale Licenses
  • Business Plans & Financing
  • A fuel wholesaler is any person or business that purchases and sells prescribed petroleum products in bulk to a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or the end consumer.

  • Rochelle van der Merwe

    Rochelle is our Petroleum Licensing Consultant and will assist and guide you through the processes and procedures for all petroleum licensing applications from start to finish with the Department of Energy to make sure that our clients are never in the dark with their applications.

    Rochelle became a Petroleum Licensing Consultant as remembrance to her father who dedicated 15 years to this industry.

    Rochelle believes that you can have knowledge about your field but experience is everything, the petroleum industry is a complicated industry but with knowledge and experience you can overcome anything.

    Rochelle believes that every client should be treated like she wants to be treated by a business, with honesty, integrity and value. Every client is important.

    Rochelle has a can-do attitude and does all licensing applications fast and thorough. Rochelle and her skill sets is yet another key and valued element in the iWantFuel group making us your one stop shop.


Licence Requirements 

For a Wholesale License you need the following...

♦ a registered company
♦ Are you HDSA (Historically Disadvantaged South-Africans) Compliant?
♦ Do you have a Tax Compliance status Pin?

If you have the above in place or need help with it, click HERE

For a Retail License you need the following...

♦ a registered company
♦ Are you HDSA (Historically Disadvantaged South-Africans) Compliant?

Have you done all assessments?

♦ Road Authorization
♦ Municipality Authorization
♦ Traffic count
♦ Environmental Authorization
♦ Environmental Impact Assessment

If you have the above in place or need help with it, click HERE