S2S stands for “Supply to Supply”. When we created iWantFuel we knew that it would evolve, little did we know how much and how fast. While customers benefited from the power of the system, suppliers quickly saw the tremendous potential the system could offer them on a S2S basis and already started to reap the rewards.

iWantFuel was designed to offer the end user with a competitive price while at the same time eliminate all risks regarding security of supply and payment. More importantly the system also protects suppliers against non-payment.

How can this help you as supplier?

As we are all aware, the key to solid business and steady supply is to diversify supply and more importantly to eliminate financial risk and non-delivery while at the same time ensuring margins remain steady and profitable.
The above can easily be achieved by using the iWantFuel S2S functionality!

S2S in short is where you as supplier harvest the power of the system to supply you and where the system will handle all logistics.

Benefits to you

  • You instantly have a nationwide footprint.
  • You do not just have one supplier, you have more than 300.
  • Zero risk of financial loss.
  • Security of supply.
  • Supply at the best possible prices.
  • You are in control of your own profit margins.
  • There is no limit to number of clients you can load.
  • Nationwide delivery on your behalf.


If you are already registered on iWantFuel.co.za you are already 99% there.

Step 1 – Make sure your profile is up to date.


Step 2 – Add your Delivery Locations/Clients

NB: Repeat Step 2 to add new delivery locations/your client locations. There is no limit to delivery locations.


Login to www.iWantfuel.co.za with your customer profile settings.

  1. Click on “Request a Quote”
  2. Select the delivery location / your client
  3. Select the product required
  4. Enter the Quantity
    • Cannot exceed the delivery locations storage capacity.
    • Cannot exceed 40 000 L per order
  5. Select the date required
  6. Click on “Next”

All the suppliers who can deliver in the required delivery area “GEO Space” will receive a Quote request.

NB: Suppliers can NOT see who they are quoting nor the exact address of the delivery location.

Once the suppliers quote, you will receive quote responses and can compare prices. You can then select the best price and place your order.


As an example, if you received a price of 90 cpl below grid from iWantFuel, you could charge your client whatever you negotiated with them. i.e. 10 cpl below grid. Your profit would then be 80 cpl !
It is completely up to you what you charge your clients. You are in control of your own profit margins.


You request 10000 L via iWantFuel and received 90 cpl below grid.





Final Price per Litre

Invoice Amount

iWantFuel pro-forma to you

R 13.31

R 0.90


R 12.41

R 124 100.00

Your invoice to your client

R 13.31

*R 0.10


R 13.21

R 132 100.00


Your Profit

R 8 000.00

 *The discount you offered your client

Once you place the order with the winning quote, the iWantFuel system will automatically send you a pro-forma invoice. In the case above, the amount will be for R 124 100.00.

As with all loads, the funds needs to be deposited and cleared before release notes will be sent to the supplier to deliver. This protects you as client as iWantFuel will never release funds pre-delivery. iWantFuel releases funds once delivery has been completed and pays only for actual litres delivered.

As supplier, you need to invoice your client R 132 100.00 (Based on the above example).

The balance will be R 8 000.00, your profit.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance or additional information.

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Mobile                : +27 (0) 71 142 5972
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